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Biop’s system is a digital colposcope, designed for magnified viewing ofthe vagina, cervix and external genitalia,  allowing physicians to identify abnormalities such as lesions or cancer and select areas for biopsy.

Biop’s system is comprised of two main units:  a Digital Colposcope unit which is connected to the main control unit.

Connecting Biop’s Digital Colposcope unit to the control unit offers fully digital and high-resolution imaging of the cervix. The field of view is illuminated by LED lights and panoramic color images are acquired by  the designated camera. The images can be viewed on the color touch screen. The operation of the device can be performed both using the color touch-screen and using a keypad on the control unit.

The Biop Team

Ilan Landesman, Founder , R&D Manager


Mr. Landesman is an innovative, experienced and pioneer optical engineer with extensive experience in the development of laser based optical products and medical devices. Mr. Landesman has held development positions in several medical companies included Medispec (shock-wave for medicine) ECI and Flexlight networks, where he served as RF and optical group leader.
Mr. Landesman founded and led development at ORCA Biosensors and was the leading project manager and product manager at Oree Inc. Mr. Landesman holds a BSc in mechanical engineering and an MSc in electro-physics engineering  majoring in nonlinear optical phenomena, both from Tel-Aviv University.


Dr. Micha Zimmermann, PhD, CTO


Dr. Zimmerman has over 30 years of experience in leading interdisciplinary R&D activities in activities and microwave micro-integration, electro-optical systems, lasers, LEDs, sensors, optics, optical fiber communications, fast optical diagnostics and light material interactions. He has held positions such as head product engineer at pebbles, VP R&D at Oree Inc and co-founder and VP R&D of Cyoptics. Prior to Cyoptics, Dr. Zimmermann established the optical communications group at SCD and was a project leader in El-OP responsible for overseeing multidisciplinary projects and technologies. Dr. Zimmermann holds a PhD from the Applied Physics group in the dept. of Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences at Princeton University, and a BSc, cum laude, in Mechanical Engineering, from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa.

David Chen, Project Manager

David Chen has extensive experience in the development of multidisciplinary communication projects and complicated management software tools. David served as the SW development leader at Oree Inc. a market leader in the LED industry, between 2009-2013. In his role David led the SW activity in complicated projects with large Far-East display manufacturers. Prior to Oree, he worked at Entropics, a market leader in home networking solutions, where he served as a VLSI engineer. David Chen began his professional career at Flexlight networks where he served as VLSI engineer from 2001 to 2007.


DavidChen holds a B.Sc in Electrical engineering from The Holon Institute of Technology.

Effi Levi, Senior Algorithm Expert

Effi Levi holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics & Computer Engineering (magna cum laude) and a M.Sc in Computer Science (cum laude) in Computer Science both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is currently completing his Ph.D studies in the field of natural learning processing and machine learning.


His fields of interest and expertise include: supervised & unsupervised methods for machine learning, image processing & computer vision and natural language processing.

Omer Lory, Algorithm developer

Omer Lory is a SW engineer  with experience in both low and high level programming from embedded environment to library design.
From 2013 to 2017 Omer served as a software engineer for Cisco Systems working on smart cards development. He holds a B.Sc in Software engineering and a M.Sc in Neurobiology.


Dana Raveh- Arbel, Regulatory Manager

Dana is an experienced clinical and regulatory affairs manager. Since qualifying as a CRA, she has gained experience in the clinical and regulatory fields and has been working in medical device industrys more than 15 years. 

She holds BA & MA in Business Management.

Tal Bar Tur, Head of Operations

Tal Bar Tur has over 17 years of experience in marketing, sales and business development. She has taken on leadership roles in various companies in both product- and service-based industries and also founded her own business in the health and fitness field.   

Tal Bar Tur holds an MBA from the College of Management with a specialty in marketing and a B.A from the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya

Gadi Binyamin.jpg

Gadi Binyamin , Head of Engineering

Gadi Binyamin is experienced Engineering Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the medical device industry.

Previous to his current position, he held a position of Engineering & NPI Manager at Integrity Applications, in which focused on the design & development of noninvasive glucose monitoring technologies for people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

Between 2013-2016 he held a position of Engineering & NPI Manager at Ornim Medical, which specialized in the clinical research & development of noninvasive and continuous check of deep tissue blood flow that monitors regional microcirculatory blood flow in cerebral tissues, where there he has established the Engineering Department & lead all its activities. 

Gadi is an Electronic Practical Engineer & holds Biotechnology Diploma from Tel Aviv Collage, and his main hobby focused in video editing clip arts.


Noa Coller-Shaki, Mechanical Leader

Noa is a Mechanical Engineer majored in Bio-mechanics, has experience in mechanical design and manufacturing,

leading  the mechanical aspects of Biop's Colposcope Micro-Colposcope design.

In her previous position as a mechanical designer at Elbit systems she developed precision-guided munition and Optomechanical devices for the aerospace division.

Noa holds a B.Sc in Mechanical engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Polina Weitzenfeld, Clinical Advisor

Dr. Weitzenfeld has over 12 years of experience conducting research in many fields, from her roles as a researcher in the IDF intelligence, an analyst in Adkit, and throughout her studies in the fields of life and medical sciences.

She holds a B.Sc in life and medical sciences (cum laude), and a Ph.D in the field of cancer research, studying mechanisms that promote metastatic dissemination, both from Tel Aviv University. 

Dr. Yaara Yarmut

Dr. Yarmut is an experienced clinical and regulatory affairs manager. Since qualifying as a CRA, she has gained experience in the clinical, regulatory and QA fields and has been working in medical device companies for over 7 years. 

Dr. Yarmut holds a B.Sc in life sciences from Tel Aviv University, and a DVM from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Koret School of Veterinary Medicine

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Biop Medical

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Ramat Gan, Israel


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