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Early and Accurate Detection of Cervical Cancer

Biop Medical is developing a state-of-the art medical device, capable of monitoring the uterine cervix tissue, by using advanced and high-resolution optics. This novel device is intended to assist gynecologists in early diagnosis of pre-cancerous and cancerous cells in real time.​ Our innovative, low-cost and small-sized revolutionary product will provide clear and critical advantages over current diagnostic technologies. We aim to advance the process of cervical cancer screening to the next level.

Biop’s system is a digital colposcope, designed for magnified viewing of the vagina, cervix and external genitalia,  allowing physicians to identify abnormalities such as lesions or cancer and select areas for biopsy.

Biop’s system is comprised of two main units:  the Digital Colposcope unit and the Micro-Colposcope Probe unit, which may be connected alternately to the main control unit (see images below).

Connecting Biop’s Digital Colposcope unit to the control unit offers fully digital and high-resolution imaging of the cervix. The field of view is illuminated by LED lights and panoramic color images are acquired by  the designated camera. The images can be viewed on the color touch screen. The operation of the device can be perfomed both using the color touch-screen and using a keypad on the control unit.

Once the Digital Colposcope unit is disconnected from the control unit, the Micro- Colposcope Probe unit can be connected. It should then be covered with a single-use sterile transparent disposable cover and inserted into the vagina until it contacts the uterine cervix.

Biop Micro Colposcope Probe unit, covered with a single-use sterile transparent disposable cover, attached to the uterine cervix


The micro-colposcope probe unit  is used as adjunctive imaging tool for acquisition of high-resolution, high magnification images of the cervix. The images obtained by the Micro colposcope probe unit enable the clinician to examine the cervix under high-magnification with respect to the panoramic image (that includes a view of the entire cervix) acquired by the colposcope.




















Automatic image acquisition, spanning the entire 11mm radius around the external cervical os, allows  a thorough exam of the cervix under high magnification. In the currently available standard colposcopy technology, the clinician has to continuously change magnifications on his colposcope unit, in order to focus on specific areas of the cervix.

Biop’s Digital Colposcope, with its Micro-Colposcope Probe unit, allows the clinician to examine the cervix under high-magnification using micro images with respect to their location within the entire cervical surface, without repeatedly changing the magnification of the digital colposcope.

Biop Digital Colposcope operation screen example – showing magnification of a selected area from an image after acetic acid application

Biop's Digital Colposcope unit

Biop's Micro Colposcope Probe unit and a single-use Disposable

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