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Real-time Diagnosis Supporting Single Point of Care and "Big Data" Applications

As can be seen in the video above, one of Biop Medical's future directions is enabling single, point-of-care diagnosis of the entire cervix, generating a real-time map of the cervix for accurate biopsy taking, when necessary. 
Patients will receive a diagnosis immediately after completing the test, without the waiting and anxiety associated with the current, inefficient screening process.

Moreover, Biop's Digital Colposcope will upload all relevant data to the cloud for back-up and storage in  Biop’s database, providing complete analytics and big data access, using the IBM cloud database and analytics services. 

Biop’s system will offer electronic medical records (EMR) integration and big data  analysis for improved patient treatment and diagnosis. Digital scans will be saved to the patient’s EMR, to be used as a baseline record of the cervix status. Physicians will have  access to all the patient’s past scans and will be able to evaluate  changes in the cervix over time, and identify regression or progression of lesions.  

The system’s advanced learning algorithm will continuously enhance its diagnostic capabilities, gleaning from the updated clinical data from different cases,. Healthcare providers will receive access to the ever-growing library of scans and outcomes. This big data feature will assist physicians in making improved diagnostic decisions.

The above-described digital health capabilities will allow adoption of  Biop’s technology in remote locations and clinics, and transferring of the scans to larger diagnostic centres. 
Similarly, the system could be used by any trained health-care practitioner, with the final diagnosis being performed off-site by a more experiences diagnostician. 


Biop’s cloud-base Database/Analytics are being developed as part of the IBM Global Technology Unit project.

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