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Biop's Board Members

Sidney Braginsky - Chairman of the board


Mr. Sidney Braginsky has been President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Atropos Technology, LLC since July 2000. In the past, he served as Chairman and Managing Director of Double D and Chairman and CEO of Digilab LLC. 

Mr. Braginsky served as President of Olympus America, Inc. between 1994 and 1999.  
In this role, he built a billion dollar business focused on optical products including cameras and scientific instruments (microscopes, endoscopes and chemistry analyzers).  Mr. Braginsky also served as President and CEO of Mediscience Technology Corp., a designer and developer of diagnostic medical devices. 

Mr. Braginsky is the former Chairman of International Standards Organization's (ISO's) Optics and Electro-Optical Systems, representing DIN. and served as the U.S. Leader of the same ISO group.  

Currently, Mr. Braginsky serves on the boards of over 10 technological and bio-med companies.


Mr. Braginsky attended Queens College, City University of NY, majoring in Biology and Chemistry.

Ehud Gindes


Atty. Ehud (Udi) Gindes is a founding partner at Goldblatt Gindes Yariv Advocates. Atty. Gindes has extensive experience in consulting public and private companies, specializing in investing contracts, mergers and acquisitions, founder agreements, capital raising  and more. In addition, Atty. Gindes specializes in corporate recovery and creditor protection proceeding.
Atty. Gindes serves as a director at public and government companies, and served as a lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya for courses in corporate recovery, for for graduate law and business.
Atty. Gindes holds an LLB (with honors), and an LLM in the commercial law track both from Tel Aviv University.

Donald Tang


Mr. Tang has 10 years of experience in financial advisory and fund management in Wall Street and in Shanghai.
His investment firm has  become one of the most prominent dealmakers in the medical technology community, especially in northeast Ohio’s medical technology community.
Since 2006, Mr. Tang's company, Shanghai Creation Investment Management Co, Ltd. (SCI),  raised over 500 Million USD and made PE investment of 40 Million USD in multiple projects.


Mr. Tang holds an MA in Finances from Columbia University, NY.

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