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Biop Medical is developing a state-of-the-art medical device, capable of monitoring the uterine cervix tissue, using advanced and high-resolution optics. This novel device is intended to assist physicians in diagnosing abnormalities such as lesions or cancer, and selecting areas for biopsy in real time.​

Our innovative, low-cost and small sized revolutionary product will provide clear and critical advantages over the current diagnostic technologies. Read more here





In the future, Biop’s system will offer electronic medical records (EMR) integration and big data analysis for improved patient treatment and diagnosis. Such digital health capabilities will also allow adoption of Biop's technology in remote locations and clinics, and transferring the scans to larger diagnosis centres.

The system’s advanced learning algorithm will continuously enhance its diagnosis capabilities, gleaning from the constantly updated clinical data of different cases. Healthcare providers will receive access to the ever-growing library of scans and outcomes. This big data features will assist physicians in making improved diagnostic decisions.

For more information see Future Applications.


Biop Medical won the "best company" award of the first ever IBM start-up accelerator. 

Our Vision

Biop Medical is focused on developing next-generation diagnostics for identifying epithelial cancers. We aim to advance the process of screening for cervical cancer to the next level.

It's all about the People


We take great pride of our team - a group of highly dedicated people who are gathered around the vision of Biop Medical and have been working enthusiastically to make the dream come true.

Our team is a multidisciplinary group of experts and is comprised of experienced members of the bio-molecular and optics industry with outstanding physicians, highly experienced in research.  

Meet the team here 


Our medical advisory board consists of world leading obstetricians and gynecologists who support Biop's R&D process. 
Read more about our advisors here

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